Zelda Hacking: Editing Caves

Warp Caves

In The Legend of Zelda, there are four “warp caves” that connect to each other, allowing the player to quickly traverse the overworld. If you try to move these warp caves with Zelda Tech, you’ll discover that either the player will still be warped to one of the original warp cave locations, or, more likely, the game will freeze. » Read more…

MaruMari: Project Outline


This is an outline for the MaruMari homebrew project I’m working on for NES. As of posting this outline, the game is very incomplete. Things are subject to change, and suggestions are welcome.

Neither the outline nor the spec are complete, but if you think I’ve overlooked something essential, please say so.


Things I Would Love To Have Help With

  • Artwork. Can be shamelessly plundered from metroid games, but some unique artwork might be nice, too.
  • Music. Famitone/Famitracker is probably the easiest and best approach, but music needs to be composed/extracted, and I have no experience with this toolset. I’ve already written a utility that can extract music data from Metroid.

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FCEUX Debug File Format

Just in case anybody else ever needs to know the format for FCEUX’s debugger’s config files (.deb), here it is, based on the source code for version 2.1.5 (found in \src\drivers\win\pref.cpp) and the contents of actual .deb files. » Read more…

Editroid 3.0

Editroid 3.0 (beta) is ready and willing to satisfy all your Metroid hacking desires! You can download the editor or the source code.

  • Expands ROMs further
    • Converts to CHR ROM – allows animated background tiles
    • 15 KB per level for screens and structures (vs. about 3KB in the original game)
    • 256 combos
    • Up to 32 rooms per level with item-room-music (vs. 7 in the original game)
    • More space for item data than you can use
  • Added “NARPASSWORD” (invincibility/all equipment) to room testing feature
  • Improved map is larger and auto-hides
  • New “Screen Browser” and “Structure Browser” make it easy to find what you’re looking for
Editroid 3.0 Screenshot

Editroid 3.0 with the structure browser

Zelda Tech 3.4

Since the Zelda Tech section of the website is defunct and disused, and this part of the site is a lot easier to update, I’ll go ahead and put this here.

A minor update of Zelda Tech with two fewer bugs. :/

For completeness, I’ll link to the other downloads here as well.

In the unlikely event that you do not have the .NET Framework installed, you’ll need to get it to run these programs.

Metroid: Wavy-Ice

Wavy-Ice screenshot

Shootin' through stuff. Freezing stuff. Wavy-Ice can do it all!

I’ve decided to share my simple Wavy-Ice hack. It allows the player to combine the wave beam and ice beam in Metroid. Note that this only works on a ROM expanded by Editroid 2.1. It will not work on an unexpanded ROM or an Editroid 3.0 ROM (I’ll release an updated patch for Editroid 3.0).

I’ve put together a zip containing the code, an assembler, and a ready-to-go IPS patch. The code should be assembled with snarfblASM to produce an IPS file:

>snarfblasm wavyice.asm wavyice.ips -IPS:ON

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Metroid Tuner

So I made this thing to edit Metroid (NES) music data, and I named it “Metroid Tuner,” because I didn’t feel like trying very hard to come up with a good name. Download the alpha version and it will probably work. Or it might blow up your computer. » Read more…

Zelda Automap 0.2 Source

Below is the source for the Zelda Automap hack (0.2). You can also download the source with the needed GFX file. The code should be assembled with snarfblASM. The resulting IPS file should be applied to the PRG0 version of the ROM (PRG1 appears to work as well, but the hack was created and tested on PRG0). Comments are welcome.

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ReMaster: Editing Doors

It looks like there may be some confusion as to how door editing works in ReMaster, so here’s the details. (We’re referring to doors that bring the player from one level to the next, or from tank areas to overhead areas and vice-versa.) The very first thing you’ll want to do is select “Doors” as the editing mode in the top-right corner of the window. In the editor area on the left, doors are shown in yellow. On the right is a list of all the doorways in the game.

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ReMaster: Better Late Than Never

The Blaster Master level editor, ReMaster, has been shared with some communities, but has yet to see a proper release until now.


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