Editroid 3.6

A new version of Editroid has been released with some bug fixes (namely a bug that prevented certain screen-load code from running). Grab it from the RHDN Editroid page. Everything should work the same as Editroid 3.5, except fewer bugs.

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  1. Every once in a while I check up to see what’s new and I have to re-edit everything because of the new stuff!

  2. Possible bug found? Maybe I’m just missing it but I can’t seem to revert to the normal operating doors in Editroid 3.6. I select the dropdown “Normal” and then apply it, but the game still operates with “NewBehavior” Am I just missing something?

  3. disregard previous comment. I figured it out.

  4. I’d like to make a suggestion. I think it’d be nice if there was an icon for the original spawn point. Something that keeps track of the “Set Area Start Here” that shows up when you show the Brinstar Items.

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