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Suite-NES 101

Since it seems like this project is never going to get finished, I’m going to release what I have so far. Maybe input from others will help me focus and get things done. Worst case, if I never finish the project, at least I’ll have released something. So, here’s a quick guide to Suite-NES.

Zelda Automap 0.2 Source

Below is the source for the Zelda Automap hack (0.2). You can also download the source with the needed GFX file. The code should be assembled with snarfblASM. The resulting IPS file should be applied to the PRG0 version of the ROM (PRG1 appears to work as well, but the hack was created and tested […]

ReMaster: Better Late Than Never

The Blaster Master level editor, ReMaster, has been shared with some communities, but has yet to see a proper release until now.

What Can Romulus Do?

As “Romulus,” my NES Level Editor Framework, nears a usable state, I’ve decided it would be a good idea to give a summary of what it actually does. Romulus will be available as a .NET DLL, and will be usable from any .NET language. There is a thread for discussing Romulus on RHDN. Romulus actually […]