Editroid 3.7

Version 3.7 of Editroid is available. You can get it at Romhacking.net’s page for Editroid. Version 3.7 adds support for multiple ASM files to manage more complex ASM hacks.

Changes include:

  • Support for multiple ASM files.
  • Option to cycle CHR (graphics) to display different background animation frames in the editor.
  • Editor now identifies “door bubble tiles” in the structure editor and highlights them in blue when “display physics” is enabled.
  • “Test room” files are now saved in application data folder instead of temporary files so Editroid can clean up emulator-generated files.
  • “Test room” feature can now use a custom command instead of running the default emulator associated with NES ROMs
  • Editor settings are no longer stored in the registry

Bug fixes:

  • Disabled DPI scaling. (Interface was not designed with DPI scaling in mind. Proper high DPI scaling is a goal for future versions.)
  • Updated assembler to newer version to fix some bugs.
  • If the last screen in a level is completely empty, the screen no longer becomes corrupted upon saving and loading, and the assembler no longer returns an error stating there is not enough free memory.
  • 16-block-wide structures are no longer corrupted upon saving and loading
  • Editor no longer crashes when you edit an item in-screen, then add items to the same screen using the advanced item editor, and then try to select the new items in-screen
  • Removed buggy tile re-arranger from menu (can still be accessed by holding shift when opening tools menu)
  • “Create project” option is no longer available for unexpanded ROMs (projects were never intended to work with unexpanded ROMs)
  • When a file is modified outside the editor and reloaded, the window caption is now properly updated if the reloaded ROM is a different format (“standard”/”expanded”)
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  1. hey snarf I accidentally changed the default command on editroid, how do I change it back to default to run my emulator?

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