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ROM Hasher 1.0

ROM Hasher calculates hashes and looks ROMs up in a ROM database to help identify and verify ROM images. This tool is geared toward romhacking.net for the purpose of generating ROM hashes to include with hack/translation submissions and for verifying ROMs before applying patches.

Editroid 3.0

Editroid 3.0 (beta) is ready and willing to satisfy all your Metroid hacking desires! You can download the editor or the source code.

In Defense of the Mutable Struct

There’s a school of thought that tells us that all structs (i.e. value types) should be immutable. Immutable structs let us pretend that values and objects are the same thing. Ultimately, this is a discussion about what we want our code to look like. I’m not opposed to the idea of immutable structs, but this doesn’t need to be a hard-and-fast rule.