Editroid 3.0

Editroid 3.0 (beta) is ready and willing to satisfy all your Metroid hacking desires! You can download the editor or the source code.

  • Expands ROMs further
    • Converts to CHR ROM – allows animated background tiles
    • 15 KB per level for screens and structures (vs. about 3KB in the original game)
    • 256 combos
    • Up to 32 rooms per level with item-room-music (vs. 7 in the original game)
    • More space for item data than you can use
  • Added “NARPASSWORD” (invincibility/all equipment) to room testing feature
  • Improved map is larger and auto-hides
  • New “Screen Browser” and “Structure Browser” make it easy to find what you’re looking for
Editroid 3.0 Screenshot

Editroid 3.0 with the structure browser

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  1. Good Shit

  2. Nice work, as usual Snarfblam! Care if we host this on the MDb as well? You know, we’d appreciate it if you let us know when you release updates to this so we can add it to our fanapps…

  3. @Infinity’s End, you’re more than welcome to host anything of mine Metroid-related on MDb.

  4. Indeed.. Checking this thing out and as I am seeing it looks like this beta version may support palette switching in Kraid and Ridley. Will have to test it out to be sure tho. btw: Really awesome editor by the way. Much better than the last one 😛

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