ReMaster: Better Late Than Never

The Blaster Master level editor, ReMaster, has been shared with some communities, but has yet to see a proper release until now.



The version posted here beforehand was an early build and lacked certain handy features such as undo and stats on building blocks (primarily to inform the user of which level data isn’t being used). The finished version makes good use of all the features of the Romulus level-editor framework.

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  1. Ok, so I grew up playing Blaster Master and enjoyed the game play of it, and even dreamed of creating my own levels. Now, 23 some years later, revisited complements of the Wii, decided to look out there to see what’s available like Zelda Classic and I find this little gem. Now a few suggestions:

    1. Obviously, some sort of instruction manual or guide will definitely help people out when navigating. Took awhile before finding that holding down CTRL finally allows you to manipulate the map.

    2. Apparently, when using Structs tiles, that copies over the whole map as it does for me, leaving only Blocks tiles only thing to work with. Maybe I’m doing something wrong there.

    3. Must be a limit of how many items/enemies you can have in the world/map as you cannot add more, only alter what is already out there.

    4. I am one of those that likes to work from the ground up. Meaning, ability to clear the map and start from scratch. This allows greater creativity to the end user. Granted, one way to do so would be using a black tile and just merely paste over everything everywhere, but that still leaves items/enemies on the screen still (which keeps them at that limit).

    5. Guide! Yes, I know, mentioned it before, but a guide will be useful. At least something with a list of commands and maybe some very basic tutorials. If you need ideas on how to create, take a look at Zelda Classic and their structure on the guide.

    Otherwise, definitely a great program, but it just seems incomplete and looks to be abandoned as you have gone on other projects, which is disappointing yet cool at the same time.

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