Editroid 2.1

Editroid 2.1 is available for download (http://snarfblam.com/files/Editroid%202.1a.zip). When it breaks, the best place to whine is MetConst, although you can also comment or e-mail me.

Changes in Editroid since 2.0:

  • Built-in ROM expander – Does not come with a warranty on hacked ROMs. (For example, glitches the title screen on MDbTroid.)
  • Add/delete rooms and structures – (You know, without breaking the ROM.)
  • Improved physics preview – Easier to see bombable blocks, invisible walls, and everything else.
  • Slightly improved “Pointer Explorer” – I don’t know if anyone but me uses this, but it now shows more data, and lists it in the order it appears in the ROM.
  • Advanced palette editor – Allows editing of all level palette data. (Useful mainly for Samus’ colors, the normal palette editor covers all your other bases.)
  • Item Data Disassembler – (Largely useless) Gives item data in a format that can be assembled, for hand-editing and relocating data, for hardcore nerds.
  • Advanced item editor – Complete item editing freedom.
  • General bug fixes, UI changes – One thing I’ll point out is that, since a common question is how to use empty map spaces, I’ve made this very trivial.
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  1. What exactly does a ROM Expander do? Granted I understand it gives more available space but what does it do for Metroid and how would I access those features? If it allows for more screens, how would I access the ability to create the screens?

  2. Well… the best way to find out is to download Editroid and try it out, but basically, you can add new screens and new object types (“structures”) easily through the menu. The extra space can also be used for item data via an “Advanced Item Editor”, and each level gets more tiles which can be modified with a tile editor like Tile Layer Pro.

  3. 😛 I think Editroid is Blamdigity so far. I have been using metedit forever and more rooms and tile space is bitchin, I have not even permenently expanded a rom yet cause it seamed to make the tile editing trickier, I was not aware I could keep the old and add the new. I want to warn people to be careful with the tiles they edit some destroy the password saves for items collected and ruins a good hack in my opinion. So I try to do all the graphix first like Sameus with only her helmet off and junk. Thank you SnarfBlam,

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