Experience the challenge of an endless adventure. Now there are more ways than ever to confuse Link. Re-craft the landscape. Summon and banish monsters at your will. Move the levels around. Change where he starts and what will be found in the caves. Change what people say, what they sell, and how much they charge. But you will need Zelda Tech to do all this and more.

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March 15, 2012
This section of the website is broken and useless. If you could do me a kindness and forget that it exists, I would greatly appreciate it. Things are much nicer over yonder.


Novermber 7, 2011
This page has been broken since InMotion, my hosting provider, was hacked a couple of months back. This one page I did not have a backup of, so I grabbed a cached copy from Google, which lacks the server-side scripting, hence this part of the site does not work. So, here are some links to the good stuff.

Complete Packge - Includes Zelda Tech, Dungeon Master, and a complete hack made using these tools in IPS form. 
Zelda Tech 3.3 - The overworld editor
Dungeon Master 0.1 - The dungeon editor

Dungeon Master Released

April 8, 2009
A minor update of Zelda Tech is being released today. Packaged with it, however, is an all new dungeon editor, "Dungeon Master." Look at it!

Get it at the download page.